Thursday, October 29, 2015

Neutral Fall Tablescape

Now that everyone is probably sick of fall decorating posts, I decided it was about time to post about my fall tablescape this year. Great timing. I intended to do this earlier, but oh well- it's better late than never!

One of my most popular posts that I have done was my fall tablescape from two years ago. I still love this and wish I could have just kept it in storage to pull out every year- but unfortunately pumpkins don't last so most of it had to be pitched.


I did not do any fall decorating last year because I was in the throes of going back to work after a new baby and all my spare time at home was spent ogling over Max-  I couldn't care less about pumpkins. But this year I decided it was time to pull the box back out and add some fall touches. 

I decided to go neutral and green for this one. The only items I bought were the white and green pumpkins. Everything else I pulled from my basement stash or it was leftover from the previous centerpiece. 


One of my favorite touches is definitely the sprigs. Gave it some interest, height, and a different kind of texture. Almost all of the sprigs and leaves were cut off a larger piece of fake foliage. One piece of that stuff from Michael's or Hobby Lobby can go a long way when you cut bits and pieces off. 

While I prefer to decorate fall with the traditional colors of oranges and yellow, this was a fun take on the season- and the neutral scheme actually goes much better with my whole house. #Shocking


Same box- different take. Which do you prefer? 


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  1. Swooning over both!!! Pinning! I'm with you, I usually prefer decorating in traditional fall colors, but the neutral colors go so much better with my house!